Szén Molnár Tamás architect, interior designer

I have always been obsessed with creating something since I was a teenager. I tried myself in numerous walks of art: I designed custom crash helmets and theatre sets, worked in animation and the film industry. I was playing the saxophone in numerous bands in Budapest for years. Then, I became a member of Quimby (one of the most popular bands in Hungary), where I played for 7 years. I featured on more than 20 albums. Parallel to my musical career I was designing and manufacturing custom furniture. Since 2000, I have exclusively been working as an interior designer. I founded my studio in 2006.

I graduated at the faculty of Architectural Designer, University of West Hungary, specializing in interior design.

“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.”  John Saladino

As an interior designer I am interested in the human-centered questions of the built environment: What effects do spaces, lights, colors and objects have on us. What kind of interaction do we enter with them? How do they shape our living space and through this our quality of life and mental health?

In my childhood I paid attention to what made me feel good in a certain space. Later, I was preoccupied with the effect of the environment on social interactions. Why is it that in a certain restaurant we tend to sit around for hours over a beer, whereas another place makes us want to leave as soon as possible?

Beside sensitivity towards an environment and the people in it, the practical knowledge and experience I gained over the past years are also essential for me. All these together enable me to make my clients’ dreams reality – enriching them with intellectual value whilst not losing sight of professional and economical aspects either.

The design assignments are diverse and range from private jobs to business investments. Sometimes the language of marketing has to be translated into the language of architecture. For all these a designer has to be well-prepared on a wide variety of areas: apart from mapping correctly the clients’ needs it is essential to be aware of traditions and have knowledge in psychology, arts and crafts, elaborate technologies, architecture, acoustics, graphics, economics, logistics, marketing and branding. One has to be up-to-date in current design trends, new materials and related arts. Often the interior designer is assigned with the task of the project management as well.

In my opinion the interior designer fine-tunes the building and coordinates the work of other designers and artists as well as contractors. Designing is a series of decisions, a complex problem-solving process: making demands, function, aesthetics and the available budget restraints meet. Taking the right aspects into the consideration leads to good decisions

My experience in design and execution along with experience in areas outside interior design but closely related to the creative-approach allow me to participate through my work in creating and conserving unique but lasting values on a high level.

Interior Design

Designing flats, houses, offices, restaurants and stores, providing brand-communication architectural solutions and supervising the execution.


Designing furniture, stands, displays, lamps, toys and unique objects.

3D Visualization

Making plans with cutting-edge 3D graphic techniques, as well as making tender, communication and marketing materials for presentations in still images or movies.

My clients included: Auchan Magyarország Kft., Beiersdorf AG, BRM Mobilier, CC Credit Zrt., Club Hotels International Kft., Deutsche Bank., DLA Piper, ERSTE Ingatlan Kft., Eural Trans Gas Kft., Honda Motor Europe Limited, Hungarocamion Zrt., IB Grant Thorton Consulting Kft., Enterprise Ireland, Jeans Club kft., Magyar Országos Levéltár, Marcus Evans International Finance Kft., NI Hungary Kft., Ogilvy & Mather, Optik-Med Szemészeti Lézercentrum, Orex Zrt., OVB Vermögensberatung Kft., PepsiCo Inc, Posta Biztosító, Premed Pharma Kft., Saab-Gripen Hungary Kft., Sakota, SAVE Befektető és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Kft, Schneider-Papír Kft., Schrack Technik Kft., Sinus Consulting Kft., Swietelsky Magyarország Kft.,TDE Services Kft., Tecnicredito Magyarország Pénzügyi Rt., Tuborg Brewery, Ubichem Pharma Services, Volán Zrt., Wallis-Motor Kft., Zalakerámia Zrt. etc. as well as Attila Till and other individuals.