House in Szentendre

2016 | Szentendre | 200 m²
Interior designer: Tamás Szén Molnár
Associate designer: Adrienn Furtenbacher

Under construction…

In Szentendre, we converted a 200 m2 family house built 10-15 years ago into a real luxury home. The property had to be designed for a family of four, for whom comfort and keeping their needs in mind was the primary consideration. During the design, it was paramount that the common areas such as the kitchen and the large dining room be combined into one open space. The floor plan of the property was favorable even before the renovation, but two walls were demolished and the bathrooms had to be redesigned almost completely. We used quality materials to create the new interiors: the main wood veneer is made of American walnut, the floor is made of bleached oak, the kitchen counter and the fireplace are made of composite stones. The dominant colors of the apartment are natural wood and white, complemented by shades of blue and turquoise.