Guest-house at Buda

2020 | Budapest | 200 m²
Interior design: Adrienn Furtenbacher, Tamás Szén Molnár
Photo: Csaba Barbay, Stylist: Ildikó Szűcs

In the guest house on Bartók Béla Road, we combined the characteristics of Secession/Art Nouveau with the elements of contemporary design. The interior design of the four suites with different character and color combinations focused on functionality. In addition, we took into account the features of this turn-of-the-century house, we tried to keep it and even emphasize it even more during the planning process. We used a wide range of different materials; the wooden surfaces make the suites feel warm and homely, while the bathrooms have orange-tone cold tiles and a marble-patterned countertop. Instead of decorating the rooms separately, we wanted to design the pieces of furniture in such a way that they would be as interesting as possible formally and would serve as decorative elements on their own.