Toy stores

2008-2014 | Liliput játékország toy stores in Eger, Szeged, Budapest
Interior architect: Szén Molnár Tamás
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During the planning of various commercial units and shops, we place great emphasis on ensuring that the environment is in close harmony with the image and products of the ordering company. The design of the Liliput Játékország store network had to be solved in such a way that the well-known design elements and colors of the LEGO brand would be reflected in the spaces. When designing the interiors of the store, we also kept in mind that children should have a kind of playhouse-like experience during their stay there. The gates from the entrance, which form the silhouette of LEGO figures and lead to a play corner, also serve this purpose. The dimensions of the furniture and equipment respond to the proportions of the iconic bricks, and in terms of colors, we used the basic shades that define the company's image (red, yellow, blue).