Excluzive Office

2013 | Budapest
Interior designers: Sáfrán Dóra és Szén Molnár Tamás
Photo: Körmendi Imre

In the case of a historically valuable building, the primary consideration is to recognize and utilize the advantages of the interiors, to restore (if justified and necessary), and besides to adapt to the already given scales and integrate the planned functions. We followed these principles for this old, patinated, civic apartment, in which we designed an elegant and modern downtown office. The apartment in the center of Budapest had such excellent features as generous ceiling height, richly decorated, carved profile doors, ornated handles and hinges. All of this carried a sense of nobility and elegance that we approached with today’s tools, creating a playful contrast by harmonizing historical and 21st century styles. The sophisticated shapes, the neutral color scheme – a harmonious blend of white, beige, brown, gray and black – and the use of quality materials are all meant to create a sense of exclusivity.