House in Balaton

2018 | Balatonboglár | 100 m²
Interior architect: Bernadett Rudinszky, Tamás Szén Molnár
Photo: Tamás Szén Molnár

An important aspect of the holiday home at lake Balaton (built in the early 1970’s) was that the interior design bring back the original, modern atmosphere of the house. The dominant material is wood, which perfectly counterbalances the white walls and coverings. The oak and beech elements exude naturalness and a pleasant atmosphere throughout the entire summer house. Our goal was to create vacation's peaceful easy feeling, so we minimized the amount of furniture with fine detailed, custom-made yet practical pieces. In terms of space saving and aesthetics, we’ve made such solutions that lose their distinctive furniture character; this includes a wall-mounted shelving system, a furniture set that functions both as a table and a resting seat, or a cabinet that is also a space divider. The other principle of the design concept was stretching the boundaries between interior and exterior, such as the free-standing bathtub with a view through the glazed terrace and the covered porch, which make us feel like we’re outside and inside at the same time.