Headquarters of Elter Kft.

2017-2020 | Szekszárd | 300 m²
Interior architect: Szén Molnár Tamás
Wallgraphics: Noppa design
Photo: Csaba Barbay

ELTER Világítás Kft. was established in 1991 as a small family business, and nowadays, it has grown into one of the largest lighting distributors in Hungary. When we designed the interiors of the central office, we asked employees about the ideal working environment in a needs assessment questionnaire. Based on our survey, we’ve created multi-functional offices and meeting rooms with the freedom of mobility and flexibility. Workspaces are complemented by acoustic solutions such as fabric covered sound-absorbing panels, which also serve as decorative elements. As a lighting engineering company, the creation of harmonic light conditions was extremely important. The huge glass surfaces of the facade and the interior allow natural light into the building from all directions, which has a positive impact on the wellbeing of employees. Being a family business, a homely, intimate atmosphere was also essential, to which both the cheerful colors, playful forms of the community area and the dining room, as well as the thematic wall graphics of the Noppa Design contribute.