Lakeside Residences & Nails by Gabo

2018 | Budapest | 200 m²
Designer: Szén Molnár Tamás
Associate designer: Furtenbacher Adrienn
Photo: Jaksa Bálint

In interior design, we consider it important that the applied solutions reflect the features of the building. The same was true when we designed Lakeside Residences & Nails by Gabo. The interiors of the exclusive nail salon, which is located in the corner building of Bartók Béla Street, are made exciting by subtle geometric details. The salon is furnished in one of the spaces of the property, while the adjoining room serves as an educational venue for practical trainings and courses. Although each room was given a different color scheme and photo poster, we wanted to find a discreet motif that runs consistently throughout the entire apartment. Our choice fell on the rhombus, which follows the contour of the building and appears as a geometric system on the walls and ceiling resulting from the division of the doors and windows. The differently skewed elements also appear elsewhere; for example, parquet laid parallel to the walls creates an extremely harmonious effect in the interior.