House in blue

2016 | Budapest | 200 m²
Interior designers: Furtenbacher Adrienn és Szén Molnár Tamás

Interior design is a complex process, during which it’s always an interesting challenge to select and mix the right colors, patterns, shapes. This exclusive house in Budapest is dominated by different shades of blue, which lends clarity and airy lightness to the interiors. The fresh blue tones, combined with the white, gray and warm wood surfaces create a harmonious interior, which is made even more exciting by the oriental-style home accessories such as decorative wallpaper, lamps, throw pillows, vases, hookah. Thanks to the large windows and glass doors, the house is filled with natural light and maintains a constant connection between the interior and exterior. Taking advantage of this feature, we’ve designed the living room, the reading corner of the bedroom as well as the bathroom to offer a stunning panorama view. Emphasizing the close connection to nature, we worked with various woods and stone textures.