Family home at Törökbálint

2021 | Törökbálint | 160 m²
Interior designers: Adrienn Furtenbacher, Tamás Szén Molnár
Photo: Csaba Barbay, Stylist: Ildikó Szűcs

The design task was to create a 160 m2 family house, an elegant, light, cheerful home for a young couple. We could already start work from the architectural plans, so they could even initiate some minor modifications to those.
Cooking plays an important role in the lives of the customers, so the detailed kitchen utensil requirements were part of the brief. They would also like to have kids in the future, so the goal was to make the kitchen, dining room and living room function as one space, and the dining room extendable. However, a relatively small space was available for this, so the kitchen was given an unusual formal design. With every detail in mind, the most current mechanical and intelligent systems have been integrated into the house: from the unique drying system in the laundry room to the chamber.
An interesting solution is the placement of the sinks in one of the bathrooms, their back wall functions as a screen for the shower. In addition, one half of the building is underground, so those solutions have been preferred, which allow more natural light into the interiors (e.g., acid-coated glass and glass bathroom doors have been used in the common wall of the illuminated staircase and bathroom).
We were free to walk between styles. So geometric, playful shapes, customer-preferred blue and oak veneered wood surfaces create harmony in the spaces. The walls feature contemporary posters, custom prints and contemporary artwork.