Lake Balaton villa

2014 | Badacsony
Belsőépítész: Szén Molnár Tamás

The orientation of the villa on the shores of Lake Balaton hid many possibilities, as the unique view of the Badacsony landscape unfolds before the eyes of almost every room of the building - from the bedroom to the bathroom. When creating the interior design concept, we strived to make every space reflect the stunning natural environment in which the house is located. The luxury real estate is basically dominated by natural materials and colors, which are made exciting by special textures and patterns. One of the most striking examples of this is the reproduction of a Byzantine mosaic adorning the bathroom wall. The freestanding bathtub next to the living room’s windows also provides a feeling of luxury. In the case of the visual element that defines the space of a room, the function of rest and relaxation is at least as important as the aesthetic appearance. The decor of the house is elegant and sophisticated, only a few pieces of furniture were used, there are no unnecessary pieces. This solution lends a kind of airiness and cleanliness to the interiors.